Vegetables, fruits and berries

Fresh vegetables, fruits and berries.

Processed* vegetables, fruits**, berries**, mushrooms, seeds, nuts, soybean, peas, lentils, beans and chickpeas.
*chopped, grated, frozen, boiled, dryed
**no dried and powdered fruits and berries
No added fat, sugar salt or sodium
all recommendable (except for coconut)

Fruits, vegetables and berries drinks
Drink must contain at least 35 % fruits, vegetables or berries or fruits, vegetables or berries puree

Fat max 0,5 g/100 g,
or if fat content 0,5-3,0 g/100 g, saturated fat max 0,4 g/100 g

Sugars max 11,0 g/100 g

Fiber min 1,0 g/ 100 g
Processed (e.g. canned) peas, beans, chickpeas, lentils and soybean productsNo added fat or sugar
Salt max 0,50 g/100 g
Canned vegetablesFat max 2 g/100 g, or if fat content 2,1 – 10 g/100 g, saturated fat max 20 % of the total fat
No added salt or sodium