Key figures

Heart Symbol has very high awareness and brand is valued by customers.

Heart Symbol has very high awareness

Brand awareness 81,9 %, among female 91,1%, men 69,5 %

Use of products with Heart Symbol 65,9 %, among female 73,9 %, men 54,8 %

Health behaviour among the Finnish adult population 2014 / National Institute for Health and Welfare

Brand value has increased

The 22nd most valued brand in Finland. Total amount of brands in survey 998. Previous result (2016) was 37th.

Made by Taloustutkimus* and Marketing and advertising –magazine. (* an independent full service market research company operating in Finland, Russia and all Baltic countries.)

Products and restaurants

Total amount of different products is over 1200

Food industry companies using Heart Symbol in their products 123

Restaurants serving Heart Symbol meals over 300